Property Management

Calling all landlords!

We pride ourselves on setting the highest possible standards for your property management. Leave the hard work to us – that’s what we’re here for.

Our aim is to take the hassle out of your property investments. We provide worry-free and profitable experiences for landlords, whilst looking after your tenants like they’re our own.

I couldn’t be happier with Jan Ford Real Estate’s property management services. Within 2 days of taking on my property, they had sorted out the mess that the previous property managing agent had let it in, had a fantastic new tenant lined up, and had taken care of all the paperwork! What a relief.
Jill Mathers, Greentree Investments
I was just about at the end of my rope when I found these guys! They really pulled me out of a hole. My properties have never been managed better, and I can finally sleep at night knowing my investments are being looked after.
Arun Hakush
I’ve been a loyal customer for many years. You just can’t beat this crew for professionalism and dedication. Thanks girls (and guys)!
Trevor Manning

Save money & time with Jan Ford Real Estate.

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Property Management Fees & Charges

Our priority is to provide you with a high quality property management service, free of hidden charges. We have a simple, straightforward and equitable fee structure that ensures you know the costs in advance.

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
Item #1 Description Discount: $1.00
Item #2 Description Discount: $2.00
Item #3 Description Discount: $3.00
Item #4 Description Discount: $4.00
All Items Description Your Total: $10.00